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Organization Chart

 Japan fosters a research program of “PROJECT FOR BASIC MEDICAL RESEARCH” as one of the projects of integrated disease area. This project aims to the elucidation of the structures and functions of all the circuits of the brain as well as the promotion of infrastructure for the development of biomarkers. In addition, it focuses on revealing the pathological basis, diagnosis and appropriate treatment of dementia and depression. The Brain/MINDS Beyond is embraced in this project and being promoted by the Division of Neurological, Psychiatric and Brain Research of AMED. In this program, Program Supervisor (PS) and Program Officers (PO) help supervision of the effective utilization of the competitive funds to ensure remarkable success. The Brain/MINDS Beyond, consisted of the core organization as well as three research groups along with an innovative research group for young investigators, is being carried out smoothly in collaboration with the Brain/MINDS and SRPBS.