• Management System

Management System

The Brain/MINDS Beyond is a cooperative effort, where AMED, PS, and POs lead the program,
and the core organization supports the implementation of activities.

Core Organization



National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Director General

National Institute for Physiological Sciences 

The core organization of Brain/MINDS Beyond works as a response window in enhancing contacts with the International Brain Initiative (IBI) and coordinating Japanese research. It is fostering the neuroethical aspects of human and non-human primate research and promoting outreach activities for the stakeholders to run the activities of this program. In a word, the core organization of the Brain/MINDS Beyond is strategically backing up the research and development with an aim to increase global collaborations in brain science research.

Research Progress Conference

This is a conference to track the progress of the research and to boost the interaction among researchers in the Brain/MINDS Beyond program. This is conducted once or twice every year by PS and POs.

Project Promotion Meeting

Strategic plans to run this program are discussed and decided in this meeting.

Working Groups

PD, PS, POs establish working groups, which are conducted by researchers, to move forward the activities of the Brain/MINDS Beyond. The present condition of the Working Groups is following.


  1. Human Brain MRI
    • This working group plans, coordinates and implements actions aimed at the establishment of a high-quality database.
      They are developing original protocol of human brain MRI, using traveling subjects and other approaches to achieve the goal.
  2. Neuroethics
    • Neuroethics Working Group provides guidance and advice on the neuroethical aspects of the data sharing and non-human primates research on the basis of present trends.
  3. Understanding human brain functions and disease from NHPs
    • This working group is involved in the identification of similar cortical and sub-cortical circuit functions and diseases in human and non-human primates. For this, they are working on resting state functional connectivity, disease models, etc.
  4. Outreach
    • Outreach Working Group works at enhancing effective communication among researchers (domestic and global) and public by arranging events and websites.

Research Group Meeting

This meeting aims at progression of the research and enhancement of collaboration by necessary discussion among the researchers of an individual group.

Hub of IBI activities

Serves as the setting of decision-making and reporting of activities of Japan as a member of the International Brain Initiative (IBI).