DecNef multi-site multi-disorder Brain Database


Brain imaging dataset is now available. (July 31, 2019)

The previous blog about the database is the following.

Large-scale data (Total of 2,409) captured and collected at multiple facilities, participating in the "Development of a diagnosis and treatment system for psychiatric disorders applying DecNef and construction of a clinical application base" of the Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences: BMI Technology, were compiled as a globally valuable database. The data were collected at ATR, Hiroshima University, Kajikawa Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto University, University of Tokyo, Showa University, Yaesu Clinic, Osaka University, and CiNet.

The database consists of resting-state fMRI, structural images of the brain from 988 patients and 1421 healthy individuals along with their demographics (age, gender, and clinical rating scales). All the participants consented to share and analyze data on multiple medical institutions and diseases within the research institutions participating in the research project. Of these, 706 patients with disease and 1122 healthy individuals have consented for the disclosure of the information. We have begun publishing this data in a way that makes it available to researchers who wish to use it after conducting a prescribed screening.

Currently, resting-state function connectivity data and information such as age, sex, and clinical rating scale are available. We plan to release brain imaging data after September 2019, only for the participants who agreed to the disclosure. To prevent identification of the person, the code linking the personal information as well as the face part is deleted from the data and images, respectively. News related to this is here.

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