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  • Using Brain Structural Neuroimaging Measures to Predict Psychosis Onset for Individuals at Clinical High-Risk

Using Brain Structural Neuroimaging Measures to Predict Psychosis Onset for Individuals at Clinical High-Risk


 The onset of psychosis can be predicted before it occurs, using a machine-learning tool which can classify MRI brain scans into those who are healthy and those at risk of a psychotic episode. An international consortium including Shinsuke Koike, Kiyoto Kasai and the other researchers from the University of Tokyo, used the classifier to compare scans from over 2,000 people from 21 global locations.
 About half of the participants had been identified as being clinically at high risk of developing psychosis. Using training data, the classifier was 85% accurate at differentiating between people who were not at risk and those who later experienced overt psychotic symptoms. Using new data, it was 73% accurate.
 This tool could be helpful in future clinical settings, as while most people who experience psychosis make a full recovery, earlier intervention typically leads to better outcomes with less negative impact on people’s lives.

【Information on the outcome】
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Using brain structural neuroimaging measures to predict psychosis onset for individuals at clinical high-risk
DOI: 10.1038/s41380-024-02426-7

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Molecular Psychiatry  2024 February 09